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 [Intoduction]who is.. .:Specialist:.Tom?

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[Intoduction]who is.. .:Specialist:.Tom? Empty
PostSubject: [Intoduction]who is.. .:Specialist:.Tom?   [Intoduction]who is.. .:Specialist:.Tom? EmptyTue Nov 23, 2010 7:37 am

I haven't fully introduced myselff yet Razz
so i tought its about time i did,

Who am I?
My Real name is Tom (geez i could never have come up with that)

Im 17 years old and live in holland
currenly im in the last high school year, (so sometimes i wont be available because of exams and such)
i play BFH almoast every day, unless i got exams

My hobby's are:
- Sailing (there is a big lake nearby where i sail with friends)
- Gaming
- Chatting with friends
- messin around with photoshop/ gimp

BFH playstyle's
- on soldier: SR Shotgun + LR pistol
- on gunner (yes i have one but not playing much) basic setup, SR MG/ LR MG/ RPG
- on Commando #1 Dual knife
- on Commando #2 Super popper + basic knife (i snipe alot, 393 headshots so far Razz)

My status:
- Single Sad

Currently buzy with:
- Building a Kelvin water dropper, for my final physics project.

music i like:
- Hardstyle
- House
- Anything Dance-able

So is there anything you wanna kno about me?
just ask and i might answer

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[Intoduction]who is.. .:Specialist:.Tom?
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